The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
Toxins & Detoxing
Truth always takes into account the placebo effect.
Some of the questions I get from people who email me are on the topic of "toxins" and "detoxing", which obviously means that these things need to be addressed in greater detail here on the site. Unlike many other people's teachings on this subject, this article takes into account the placebo effect. As any serious doctor or scientist with integrity will tell you, to get to the truth one must always take into account the placebo effect.

When the body doesn't have all the proper energy and resources (nutrients) to get rid of "toxins" (unnatural foreign substances), those toxins are often stored in fat cells (artificial sweeteners actually contribute to weight gain). But when we start drinking lots of pure water, consuming healthy nutrients, not consuming more toxins, then the body is able to get rid of that previously stored junk. So to get the junk from the fat cells to places of removal, it quite often has to be put into the bloodstream temporarily for transport. It has to get from point A to point B somehow, and this is one way the body does it. When these toxins are back in the bloodstream during this time they can sometimes temporarily contribute to feelings of mild illness, headaches, sweating, etc. The good news is that once these things pass, one will feel much healthier afterwards.

As many people know, there are literally hundreds of different unnatural manmade chemicals in our bodies that aren't supposed to be there. They're in the environment, in the air, in the water, in our foods, in our carpets, in our furniture, in our cars, in our electronics, in our clothing, in our cleaning supplies, in our cosmetics, in our personal hygiene products, in our cooking utensils (pots, pans), etc. They're absolutely everywhere because we live in an industrialized chemical world.

However, focusing on the problem only makes things worse, and that's why this website doesn't put focus on "detoxing" or "toxins". Many people automatically focus on the negative instead of the positive. People come to realize they're surrounded by chemicals and they become gripped with fear, or they get angry at the people who make these chemical products. All this does is make things worse. It's called the placebo affect, or nocebo effect, and it goes far beyond just affecting one's own body. Just like it was already fully explained in the Oneness Cloud Experiment and Meditation and Manifesting Simplified articles, our thoughts create the outside world as well, so when we focus on fear or anger, we give that to the rest of the world, and that's certainly not beneficial to anybody. That will never solve our problems.

When we focus on the positives; happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, etc., our own individual body becomes stronger, and our immune system becomes stronger. When our immune system is strong, these chemicals have far less impact on us. So between being positive at all times, taking a product like FrequenSea, and blessing (being grateful for, and increasing the energy of) the other foods you eat, you're no longer nearly as susceptible to toxins and other negatives. Positives are far more powerful than negatives.

Detoxing is something the body does automatically all by itself when the cells that make up the body receive ALL the nutrients and energy that they require for optimal functioning. The body is a self-healing mechanism; that's the only thing it does. Our cells are at all times, 24 hours a day, healing, repairing, regenerating, and rebuilding, but for them to do this to the best of their ability, we have to simply stop subjecting our cells to the things that put them in protective mode instead of growth mode. Cells can only be in protective mode OR growth mode. It's one or the other. They can't do both at the same time. So all that one needs to do in order to detox is to let go of negatives, and adopt positives. The list of "Supersupplements" and "Healing Modalities" on this website are what provide the cells with literally EVERYTHING that they need for healing, repairing, rebuilding, regenerating, and "detoxing"

There is no need to focus on detoxing when one focuses on health/healing. When one focuses on "detoxing", subconsciously in one's mind the focus quite often tends to be on "toxins", "parasites", etc., and when it comes to the placebo effect, this is focusing on the negative instead of the positive. This of course won't provide the benefits that one is hoping for. One is subject to that which they hold in mind. "What we resist, will persist." That's why this website's slogan is "Stop fighting disease, Embrace health". When it comes to health and healing, many people don't understand that their thoughts are contradicting their efforts to be healthy. Focusing on "detoxing" often perpetuates the continuous need to. We need to put our energy, focus, and attention on "health" or "healing" rather than on the negatives. "Wherever attention goes, energy flows." Whatever you focus on, you receive.

Sometimes I drink a profoundly potent mixture of FrequenSea, intraMAX, the "mystery supplement", ForeverGreen's "Thunder" product, and several of the organic extracts listed on the Organic Extracts page. After drinking a glass of this I notice almost instantaneous effects. My mind goes calm and silent, I generally have to go to the bathroom within 10 minutes (even if I went right before drinking it), and one time my armpits started dripping with a fairly odorous sweat that lasted about 20 minutes.

These products are all highly recommended but you certainly don't need to take all of them. FrequenSea, intraMAX, and the "mystery supplement", are each on their own literally all-in-one products that provide astounding health benefits far beyond what the average person comprehends.

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