100% organic, all natural, raw, whole food.
FrequenSea's all-in-one nutrition radically simplifies your health routine.
It's near everything that our body/cells need in order to function properly and optimally.
Comprised of 210 single-celled vegetables and other foods CO2 pressure liquefied.
The single-celled, pre-digested, instantly bioavailable format is ideal for absorption.
I've used FrequenSea daily for over 10 years now, choosing it above all else available.


We all know that proper nutrition is important.
If nutrients don't heal, repair, regenerate and rebuild the body, why do we need to eat food at all?
The human body/mind is a community of trillions of individually living cells.
Those cells, their outer membranes, and receptors, are literally made of natural fats, sugars, proteins and cholesterol.
Meanwhile, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. are the necessary tools that are needed for proper cellular functioning.
Focusing on caloric intake completely ignores the physicality of what we're ingesting.
Our cells are at all times, 24/7, in a state of repair, regeneration, rebuilding and healing.
The body is an incredibly efficient self-healing mechanism, when honored as such.
However, physical, emotional and energetic stress on the cells are what prevents the body from healing.
And all degenerative diseases are the result of physical, emotional or energetic stress on the cells of the body.
If we simply stop indulging in negatives, and adopt positives instead, the body heals itself.
Reversing degenerative diseases and health issues, or staying healthy, is no more complicated than that.
But people either don't realize they're indulging in negatives or they don't understand the biological effects of those negatives.
Explaining these things so people can heal themselves is the purpose of this website.

FrequenSea is profound and this site was made to share it. I don't even care if I make any money here.
My passion for this product, and for helping people heal, has not faded in the slightest even after a decade.
I've made this website as simple, direct, thorough and complete as possible to answer your questions.
- Jarett Sabirsh

Jarett Sabirsh
Please enjoy...

By Land and By Sea FrequenSea Video
Another Day Video
"Another Day" Phytoplankton Video
Hugo Rodier Video
Dr. Hugo Rodier

"Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food." - Hippocrates

 FrequenSea Contains:
   - Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K
   - 72 naturally occurring essential and trace minerals
   - 14 types of amino acids (proteins)
   - Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (healthy fats)
   - Enzymes: Amylase, protease, cellulase, lipase
   - Co-enzymes: Co-Q6, 7, 8, 9, 10
   - Phytonutrients: Bioflavonoids, quercetin, proanthocyanidins (plant chemicals/pigments)
   - Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E, astaxanthin, glutathione, and more
   - Fiber

The human body doesn't need broccoli, spinach, carrots or apples per se. What it needs is the countless vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients that are in them. When we take individual vitamin supplements we're taking a wild stab in the dark at which nutrient (out of dozens) that our body needs. With FrequenSea we're covering all of our bases and giving our cells everything they need all at once. No more guess work, no more trial and error.

If you compare the cost of FrequenSea to what you are already paying for just a small fraction of these nutrients, or even for one individual vitamin, the price of FrequenSea is an incredible deal!

2016 Brochure for FrequenSea with Phytoplankton

Having vibrant health is now a whole lot simpler.
FrequenSea completely takes the guesswork out of your health routine.

FrequenSea - A Super FoodFrequenSea - A Super Food Brochure

All-in-One Nutrition
The body heals itself when edifiedFrequenSea supports all bodily systems. If a product/food contains everything, it's good for everything. There's no longer a need for handfuls of pills and multiple supplements. You can get everything the body needs in this one highly concentrated nutrient dense liquid. FrequenSea is almost certainly the most nourishing food you've ever laid your eyes upon. But of course you'll have to decide that for yourself after experiencing the results first hand.

Nutrient wise, FrequenSea has it all, and in such a highly concentrated form that you know you're getting enough of each. FrequenSea is, on its own, an all-in-one whole food product that provides astounding health benefits far beyond what the average person believes is even possible.

Because of the extremely small microscopic size of phytoplankton, and because of the patented AMP Process, the liquid form of FrequenSea is instantly bio-available, which means absorption into the body starts immediately, through the mucus membranes in the mouth (sublingually). It bypasses the usual processes of digestion and metabolism, and is instead, instantly and completely utilized by the cells of your body! This is particularly important for those with chronic and serious diseases, because these people's bodily systems are so worn down that they can't even absorb the required nutrients by eating normal nutrition. It's actually recommended to hold FrequenSea in one's mouth for a minute or so.

See a more complete listing of the individual minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, etc:
Nutritional Properties of FrequenSea

FrequenSea BrochureFrequenSea Brochure

It's important to keep in mind that many nutrients work far more efficiently and effectively when combined with each other, such as what a whole food provides. Isolated individual nutrients often don't provide the same benefits because many nutrients require numerous others to work in conjunction with. Just like building a complete puzzle requires having all the peices, building a healthy body requires having all the nutrients.

Those who check their blood pressure, insulin levels or anything else regularly can literally watch and measure any differences that happen.


"Man is a food-dependent creature. If you don't feed him, he will die. If you feed him improperly, part of him will die."
- Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D.

Marine Phytoplankton CD

Marine Phytoplankton - Making History for Mankind CD

Dr. Bob Rowe (34:40): 

FrequenSea - The Future of Life is in the Oceans CD

FrequenSea - The Future of Life is in the Oceans CD

Dr. Hugo Rodier (25:57): 

FrequenSea Contains 210 Species of Marine Phytoplankton:
    - single celled plant vegetables
    - the basis of all life on earth
    - the food from which all other foods evolved! (do you fully grasp the significance of this?)
    - 400 times the energy of any known plant
    - equal to more than 200 types of vegetables in your diet
    - the superfood of all superfoods
    - whales live up to 150 years solely on it
    - nutritional analysis that is second-to-none
    - utterly nutritionally complete
    - highly concentrated & nutrient dense
    - supports all bodily systems
    - microscopic size bypasses digestive and metabolic processes
    - instantly utilized by the cells of our body
    - completely absorbed by our cells
    - exactly what our body needs to heal itself

What is Phytoplankton?

Phyto = "Plant". Plankton = "Wandering/Drifting". It has been well established that sea plants are the most nutrient-rich plants on earth, with ten times more nutrients than anything on land. They have 400 times more energy than any other plant on Earth. This makes complete sense when we realize that everything on land originally evolved from what was in the oceans (phytoplankton). They are the basis of all life on Earth.

The largest animals on the planet, whales, are also some of the longest living, generally living from 80-150 years. This is possible because they eat the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, straight from the bottom of the food chain... plankton. Zooplankton is animal plankton, and phytoplankton is plant plankton.

The main highlighted ingredient in FrequenSea is phytoplankton (215 species of single celled oceanic plant vegetation). That equates to getting 215 different vegetables in your diet every day. It's no co-incidence that people in Japan are some of the healthiest people in the world; they eat far more nutrient packed sea vegetables (and vegetables in general) than many other people in the world.

Phytoplankton are considered to be the "vegetation of the ocean." They convert sunlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids. NASA says they produce up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen. When consumed, they greatly oxygenate the body as well, and it's a known fact that a lack of oxygen in the body will contribute to cellular dysfuntion and disease.

There are very few products that provide all, or even most of the raw materials to make new cells, and sustain the existing ones. The problem is that we need all of those nutrients at the same time for the body to work at optimal levels, and phytoplankton just happens to contain nearly everything that one needs to sustain life, or to rebuild a healthy life.

It turns out that the elements and electrolytes in plankton are tailor-made for the human body. The composition of human plasma is very similar to that of seawater. Scientists have known for many years that phytoplankton is a superfood but it hasn't been until just recently that we've had the technology and know-how to grow, harvest, and obtain them in large enough quantities for human consumption.

Through 4 years of research the $30 million Sea Farm in British Columbia, Canada, can now grow 200 Unique Species of Phytoplankton in mass quantities. The Sea Farm even supplies the ocean with far more phytoplankton than it takes, thus giving back to nature. That means more oxygen for all of us. Because of their location and patent pending technologies, no other sea farm is able to do what this one does.

See the individual elements and Nutritional Properties of Phytoplankton, and their many various healing properties.

What Doctors are Saying
Jerry Tennant
Dr. Jerry Tennant M.D. - Board-Certified in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Website: Tennant Institute
Quotes: "So how do you fix the control mechanisms of the body, the neurochemicals, and the mineral on/off switches? The most efficient way I've ever found to do that is with FrequenSea." "Marine phytoplankton, in the form of FrequenSea, is one of the most important things you can do for people with chronic disease."
Video:  FrequenSea - For Your Health (25:19min) and  By Land and By Sea (16:51min)
Audio:  19:25min
Hugo Rodier
Dr. Hugo Rodier M.D. - Board-Certified Family Practitioner
Website: HugoRodier.com
Quotes: "And so, we know that sea plankton has all the right ingredients; the right amino acids, the right sugars, the right micro-nutrients, the right fats, the right antioxidants, the right vitamins, in such a degree, that consumption of sea plankton alone, as a superfood, should be very successful in treating practically all diseases."
Video:  What is Sea Plankton? (2:50min) and By Land and By Sea (16:51min)
Audio:  FrequenSea: The Future of Life is in the Oceans CD
Bob Rowe
Dr. Bob Rowe - Chiropractor in British Columbia
Website: Qualicum Institute
Quotes: "If it (phytoplankton) feeds the largest creatures on the planet (whales), it must have an amazing, rich, nutrient value." "If you go back to the literature and look at what actually keeps us healthy, it's not the individual nutrients, it's not vitamins, it's not particular minerals, but it's the combination."
Video:  Another Day (15:09min)
Audio:  Marine Phytoplankton: Making History for Mankind CD

Jerry Tennant Video
Dr. Jerry Tennant

Dr Hugo Rodier Report

Dr. Rodier's Report
 talks about the new science of Metabolomics, cellular heath,
nutrition, phytoplankton, and the other ingredients in FrequenSea.

Phytoplankton Report

The Truth About Marine Phytoplankton
 explains and describes the differences
between algaes, planktons, and phytoplanktons.

The Benefits of FrequenSea
   - Balanced whole food nutrition
   - Will not conflict with medications as it is only food
   - Water-solubility (98% absorption rate)
   - Rich in phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants
   - The benefits of getting 210 ocean vegetables in your diet every day
   - 100% all natural (no chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients)
   - Immune system enhancement
   - Antioxidant protection from degenerative diseases
   - Supports healthy cholesterol levels
   - Blood pressure control
   - Supports stabilizing of blood sugar levels
   - Cell wall improvement through increased permeability and flexibility
   - Detoxification and cleansing (helps remove toxins from cells & organs)
   - Supports weight loss even without added exercise
   - Increases energy and vitality
   - Skin care (such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis)
   - Neurological support (able to cross blood-brain barrier) (increased focus, concentration, memory)
   - Anti-inflammatory effects on membranes (pain and inflammation of joints and muscles)
   - Vision (astaxanthin is far more effective than lutein)
   - Natural anti-depressant (improvement of moods)
   - Supports a healthy heart (cardiovascular)
   - Supports a healthy liver
   - Improved sleep

FrequenSea Testimonials
Many of the health benefits that people get by incorporating nutrients from natural live organic whole foods into their diet are considered to be "impossible" to those who only know the pharmaceutical paradigm. But when we fully grasp the understanding that the cells/body heals itself when negatives are let go of and postitives adopted, it's not particularily amazing or miraculous at all. Here's just a few stories from FrequenSea users...
FrequenSea Testimonials

FrequenSea's Ingredient Listing
Purified Water, Proprietary Blends of the following: Aloe Vera Juice, Cranberry Concentrate, White Grape Concentrate, Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Juice), Ionic Sea Trace Minerals, Alpha3 CMP Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Astaxanthin, Ginger, Orange, Sweet Lime, Rose, Citric Acid, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant, Stevia, Natural Blueberry Concentrate, Mango and Passion Fruit Concentrates.

All non-GMO. Only organic, pure or clean materials are used. Read ForeverGreen's Product Integrity.

Making FrequenSea
All of the above ingredients were very carefully chosen based upon their specific qualities and healing properties. The plants are processed with AMP Technology (Aqueous Molecular Partitioning), a process for emulsifying the WHOLE plant in its integrity, in water, without the use of any harmful chemicals or heat. This is done in CO2 compression chambers. This all natural nutrient extraction process leaves all ingredients fully live and active in a completely water soluble, bio-available, highly concentrated oil. Results from taking FrequenSea are much greater than phytoplankton alone. FrequenSea's bio-available full spectrum of ingredients work synergistically together in the body. The AMP process is a patented ForeverGreen exclusive and won't be found elsewhere. This process creates some of the highest quality health products that can be found.

To put it simply, the AMP process renders all the ingredients in FrequenSea predigested and fully ready for absorption!


Learn more about the AMP Process


"The work of the doctor will, in the future, be ever more that of an educator, and ever less that of a man who treats ailments."
- Lord Horder

Everything You Need to Know About Health... Simplified
There's an endless amount of contradictory health information out there.
But the truth is that being healthy is far simpler than we've come to believe.
Health and healing is not the gigantic complicated mess we think it is.

I'd like to share with you the key to perfect health, and the absence of disease:
There is nothing new about health. It has been around forever.
Organic nutrition and life sustaining energy have been around for millenia.
Natural organic nutrition has been successfully supporting life for eons.
The problem is that we have overly processed our foods to the point where the nutrients are damaged, useless, and harmful.

The answer to health cannot be invented because it already exits.
The "search for the cure" is really quite futile and pointless.
The placebo effect (positive peaceful emotions), and natural organic nutrition, are the answer to health.

See how profoundly simple that is? But let me explain further...

Disease doesn't happen because we have a deficiency of a man-made drug.
Pills or Produce?
Which of these speaks to the cells of your body?

Pharmaceuticals don't (or can't) address the 5 basic mechanisms of disease:
1. Cellular inflammation (Solution: nutrients)
2. Cellular oxidation (Solution: antioxidants)
3. Lack of cellular energy (Solution: voltage/pH/alkalinity)
4. Cellular toxicity (Solution: natural organic foods & pure clean water)
5. Poor cellular communication (Solution: all of the above)

As you can see, "food is the best medicine" because it does address all of these.
Cells heal themselves when properly edified.
But positive peaceful thoughts, emotions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes have a huge effect on all 5 as well.

Your body is a collective community of co-operating cells.
That's several trillion individual living things all working together harmoniously.
Every single one of those cells is doing the best job it can, at all times.

The human body is a self-healing mechanism; that's all it does!
24 hours a day it's protecting, healing, repairing, regenerating, and rebuilding.
But its ability to do that more effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly, depends upon our lifestyle choices.
This is because our cells are either in protective mode, or growth mode.
That is, they are either in "fight or flight" mode (a stress reaction) or they're in healing mode.
It's one or the other. Cells can't do both at the same time.
It's like you defending yourself from a tiger attack while trying to eat your vegetables.

So, health is the body's natural state when the cells aren't stressed.
The body's natural state is balance, harmony, ease, and peace.
If the source of health issues is removed, the body can then heal itself.
Simply remove the stress from one's lifestyle, and provide the body energy, and the cells/body heals itself.

Because the body is at all times healing itself, diseases never happen randomly, or for no reason.
All health issues, serious or minor, always happen for very specific reasons.
All degenerative diseases, physical or mental, no matter the name, are the result of just one thing...
STRESS on the body's cells (the brain/mind is made of cells too).
Having stressed out malfunctioning cells will naturally lead to disease.

Having healthy cells equals overall bodily health.
And having stressed out unhealthy dysfuntional cells means the body has disease.

Every single health issue, no matter the name, comes down to cellular health.
Cells constantly subjected to physical, emotional, and energetic stress become dysfunctional.
And this dysfunction equates to "dis-ease" because the cells/body are no longer at ease.
This is where the word "disease" came from, and what it truly means.

Now here's another biggie...
Unnatural substances ("toxins"), a nutrient deficiency, and stressful negative emotions are what stress the cells.
Practically all degenerative diseases are because of at least one of these 3 things.
Headaches, backaches, arthritis, cancer, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's... it's all cellular dysfunction due to stress.
This small list of diseases is barely even scratching the surface.
If a person has any type of health issue at all, it's because of some sort of stress on the cells of the body.
Problem create symptoms
Degenerative disease is nothing but a symptom of stress. The disease, health issue, or ailment, is not the problem.
Physical, emotional, and energetic stress on the cells of the body is the problem.

Biologically, energy is something that provides vitality and life.
If the body had no energy, it wouldn't be alive. If the cells had no energy, they wouldn't be alive.
Degenerative diseases (including the cold and flu) are the result of a lack of energy at the cellular level.
Having "a weak immune system" means that our cells lack the energy and strength to eliminate intruders.
A person doesn't get sick (cold & flu) unless their "immune system" (cells & bacteria) is weak and stressed out.

It doesn't even matter what the name of the health problem is...
To heal, stressful negatives must be let go of, and positives adopted.
This is a universal truth of physical life that will never change.
The body heals itself when given all of the proper raw materials to make new healthy cells.
If this is done, even severely and chronically ill patients can heal.
Fix the cells and EVERYTHING else is fixed because the body IS a community of cells.
Every health problem is a perfect representation of how healthy, or unhealthy, our individual cells are.

Both preventing and healing disease is the exact same process.
Preventing is giving the cells/body the proper materials to REMAIN healthy.
Healing is giving the cells/body the proper materials to BECOME healthy.
Whether it be for preventing or healing, the cells require the exact same materials.
There's absolutely no difference between preventing and healing.
And so we use the saying: "Stop fighting disease. Embrace Health."

Whole/Organic vs. Isolated/Synthetic
Why have some studies shown "vitamin supplements" to be harmful (or that they are simply urinated out), while other studies show the benefits of taking vitamins? Because the so-called "vitamin supplements" used in some studies are synthetically and chemically derived, and were not from a natural organic whole food source. As just one example, man-made ascorbic acid is only the outer shell of the vitamin C compound and it is lacking the enzymatic components that make a true vitamin C molecule. Therefore, ascorbic acid is not actually vitamin C, but is only ascorbic acid. Either the scientists conducting these experiments are naively ignorant of this fact (because scientists are faulty humans like the rest of us), or they are likely being funded by some corporation with an ulterior motive to intentionally "prove" that supplements are dangerous and useless. Even when scientists are conducting with integrity and with absolutely zero bias as to the results of their study, it is still not a safe belief for us to think that every single factor in existence is taken into account during every single scientific study and experiment. There are countless unknowns, with the "placebo effect" and the nature of counsciousness affecting reality being amongst the biggest.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how natural vitamins/nutrients are different from synthetic vitamins/nutrients, I'll refer you to an article on Dr. Ben Kim's website.

Now, since man and his environment evolved together, as one, they are perfectly compatible with each other. It's basically a symbiotic relationship. Man does not exist separate from his environment. He is wholly and completely one with it. Manmade synthetics have been shown repeatedly to not be properly compatible with the cells that make up the body. For example, drugs often make healthy people sick.

It's just like Thomas Edison once said: "Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of Nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life."

There is No "Cure"Medical Law
We've all heard of silly laws. In Louisiana it's illegal to gargle in public places, and in Atlanta it's against the law to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp. There's also a law that states that the only thing that's allowed to be called a "cure" is a pharmaceutical drug.

The positive side of this is that people who lack responsibility can't loosely throw that term around just for the purpose of selling their product and making money. The negative side of this law is that the "cure" does actually exist, and it's called "organic nutrition", "energy", "positive attitude", "peaceful emotions", "placebo effect", etc.

Everybody knows what prunes, or prune juice, does for constipation, but if a company ever made the illegal claim that their product "cured" that problem, the FDA would go storming in, that product would be taken off the market immediately, and the company would be taken to court. This doesn't particularly make sense, but that's how it is. This is a major flaw in our system, and because of this, the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry continues to make massive amounts of money while never-endingly "searching for a cure."

DoctorSometimes the ones we think are responsible, lack responsibility, and sometimes we follow the advice of those who we think know the truth, when in actuality they don't know the truth. Most doctors know very little about nutrition because they're not trained in it. Doctors go to medical school, not nutrition school. If people want medical advice, they go to a doctor. If people want nutritional advice, they go to a nutritionist, naturopath, or holistic practitioner. Drugs have their place, but certainly not to the degree and extent that they are used today. So legally there is no "cure" for many of our diseases, but illegally, there is. Pretty silly, isn't it?

The Cells/Body Heals Itself
FrequenSea is not a "cure" for anything because the human body is a SELF-healing mechanism. When given all the proper raw materials (energy & nutrients) to make new cells, it can heal ITSELF of just about anything. The body will perform miracles by the minute when we learn to honor its intelligence by giving it what it needs, and by abstaining from negatives.

Degrading health doesn't have to be a natural part of life. It only happens because of our lifestyle choices. Illness and disease are an imbalance created by a lack, or absence, of health/truth/love. If we REALLY knew the truth (or cared) about what contributes to disease in our bodies, we would probably avoid those things, and the vast majority of illness and disease would never happen in the first place.

True healing brings the mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects of an individual back into balance. The amazing thing about FrequenSea is that its ingredients are able to cross the blood-brain barrier which also helps balance our mental and emotional well-being, as well as the physical. The wide variety of minerals also contribute to giving the body what it needs to produce all of the brain's required healthy neurochemicals for optimal emotional balance and well-being. Of course there's something to be said for choosing to be happy despite outside life circumstances as well.

"What About..."Human Biology
Many people ask "Will it make my <insert problem> disappear?" The answer to this is that no claims can be made. There are no specific guarantees for anything because we don't decide how nutrients are used inside our body. The body does it automatically. How does it know what needs to be done? Because it has an innate intelligence. Cells are living things just like you and me. By no means are they as complex, but every cell is doing it's exact job as best as it can. They simply require all the proper tools to work with in order to function properly. It's as simple as honoring and respecting this intelligence. If we eat junk constantly, we will likely feel like junk. "You are what you eat."

CellsThe body will use the full spectrum of ingredients in FrequenSea as it needs to, in whatever specific order it deems necessary. Simply allow it to do it's thing and the miraculous will happen. This is especially true if we stop putting toxic materials like artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, pesticides, lifeless foods, etc. into our body.

Focusing on specific problems and diseases is somewhat shortsighted. "By fixing our cell membranes you are fixing EVERYTHING about our function and structure. In other words, you are maximizing your ability to metabolize at the cellular level. You are reducing the inflammation, oxidation, mitochondrial dysfunction and toxicity issues that compromise cell communication." - Hugo Rodier, M.D. Fix the cells and EVERYTHING else is fixed because the body IS a community of cells. Even the genes inside the cells change (turn on and off), according to their environment (nutrients, energy).

Time to Heal
PocketwatchNutritional healing is not like the use of drugs where we manipulate the inner workings of our body, creating an instant effect by only masking the symptoms of an underlying problem. True healing goes to the root of the problem, not just to the symptoms of the problem. Because of this, true healing generally requires a little bit of time.

The body can't create an entire body's worth of all new cells in one day. Does a broken bone heal in a day, or even a week? No, of course not. It takes several weeks, or longer. Any other physical problem the body might have is no different than a broken bone. Give it time. And remember, because healing generally happens gradually, there might not be sudden changes and therefore we don't always notice the differences that have happened. Just because we don't notice something, certainly doesn't mean it's not helping us. Some people might notice huge miraculous differences in 2 days, while other people won't take notice of any specific changes after several weeks. Everybody's body is different and no two people will see the exact same results.

Nutrients for Mental HealthBrain Cells
Because the body is made of cells, and the mind/brain is no different, optimal organic nutrition has a very direct connection to the well-being of one's mental and emotional health. When the energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body/cells need are missing from one's diet, the healthy brain neurochemicals (endorphins, serotonin, etc.) needed for optimal positive functioning can't be created. A lack of nutrients will promote depression, unhappiness and all sorts of negative mentalities and emotional disorders. It's pretty difficult to live a happy, joyful, peaceful and emotionally balanced life when one's diet is counteracting those efforts.

The level of our neural functioning is largely determined by the nutrients, or lack thereof, that we provide the brain with. For the brain to function at peak performance, for it to be logical, intelligent and sane, for it to be able to reason, understand and comprehend, for it to be aware and conscious of its own activities, for it to be calm, quiet and peaceful in meditation (and in general), and for it to be able to reach continuously higher levels of happiness, it's really best to eat properly.

Foreign unnatural substances, and highly processed, damaged, altered and modified molecules have no place in our foods or in our bodies. They just aren't compatible with our cells and they contribute to cellular stress, dysfunction and "dis-ease." Now, saying that, please also remember the "placebo effect" that basically means you are only subject to what you hold in mind and buy into, consciously or unconsciously. So if we operate with a fear mentality of "harmful" substances, that fear will make it real in our life faster than anything else. You're essentially giving orders to your body to fear it. We all breathe in car exhaust daily but most of us don't even give it a thought, as it should be, for our health's sake.

Back to the power of nutrients, even things like drug/alcohol addictions and serious mental disorders like schizophrenia and autism have been successfully treated by removing unnatural foods from a person's diet and by incorporating nutrient megadoses. This is the field of science referred to as orthomolecular psychiatry/medicine, which was founded by Dr. Linus Pauling, who is the world's only 2 time unshared Nobel Prize winner.

Quantity & Dosages
Just like antibiotics or prescription drugs, the amount that is taken is of foremost importance. Consuming a very tiny amount will provide very little, if any, noticiable results. If a person's health issues have developed over a long period of time (a degenerative disease) due to poor dietary habits and other lifestyle stresses, using small quantities of nutrients will almost certainly not provide the results one is hoping for. Quantity is just as important as quality when using health products.

According to the science of orthomolecular medicine, "Low doses of vitamins do not cure major diseases. Large doses cure diseases." This makes perfect sense when we understand that most degenerative diseases have developed over several years, or even a lifetime, as the result of constant long-term cellular stress. We've spent many years depleting the body of its resources, and adding just a tiny bit back into the body won't do a whole lot of good.


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Medication Conflicts
The only reason nutrients might "conflict" with medications is if the body receives the energy it requires to heal itself, and the medications are no longer needed for a health problem that no longer exists. And we all know that if a healthy person were to take a drug that it would quite possibly make them sick. In such a case, what's the problem... the energy/nutrients, or the drug?

We simply have to have the knowledge, and be aware, that it's the drug contributing to the problem, and not the natural energy/nutrients. People who turn from the traditional medical approach, to the natural approach, need to understand that drugs are usually outgrown and no longer needed once the body receives everything that it needs (energy & nutrients) to fully heal itself. If people don't understand this, they usually drop the natural approach and never solve the underlying reason for the health problem.

It's well known to many people that particular enzymes found in grapefruit can adversely affect the functionality of certain drugs. Okay, but if nutrients are what our cells need in order to heal themselves, perhaps we would be better off eating the grapefruit, instead of taking the drug? Similarly, it's said that people who smoke aren't supposed to take lutein. Well, if we were to quit smoking, and we take the lutein instead, where's the problem?

It's all about lifestyle choices. Every decision we make in life is either contributing to health and well-being, or to negative stress on the cells of our body. We're either making health deposits into our body, or health withdrawls from our body.

With FrequenSea, making health deposits has never been so simple and easy.

Independent Distributor Jarett Sabirsh

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