The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
Holistic Heart Health
Heart Health vs. Holistic Health
Reductionism vs. All-Inclusivity
The Body as a Whole
It's often said that a certain food or vitamin is "good for the heart" or "good for the eyes", and while this is partly true, it's also highly necessary to understand that what is good for your heart, is good for the entire body. Your heart does not exist separate from the rest of the body. Your circulatory system doesn't exist separate from the rest of the body's systems. Every single system in your body is intricately woven into every other one.

If you took out your heart, what would happen? The entire body dies, of course. What happens if you take out the brain? Again, the whole body dies. Of course, sometimes we have certain particular body parts removed surgically, and the body is able to continue functioning, but nobody can deny that the absence of that part doesn't affect the way the body as a whole functions.

Your circulatory system isn't "over here", while your respiratory system, endocrine system, or brain is "over there". They are not isolated from each other. They are not two or three. They are one. Every system, every cell, every function, every movement, every thought, and every emotion, is part of a whole body. Ultimately, not a single cell in your body exists separately from any other. What affects one, affects the whole.

Your brain requires blood, oxygen, and nutrients for optimal performance, and your heart needs nutrients, energy, positive peaceful emotions, and a stable mind in order to be optimally healthy. What affects one system, affects all systems. What affects one cell, affects the body as a whole.

Placebo/Nocebo Effects
Because your brain doesn't exist separate from your heart, or from any other system, your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, perceptions, and opinions affect the body's overall state of health just as much as anything else, if not more so. The "placebo effect" and "nocebo effect" are in fact, in effect 100% of the time. The placebo effect is that which is positive, healthy, peaceful, beneficial, truthful, and works in our favor. The nocebo effect is that which is negative, unhealthy, stressful, false, and works against us.

Reductionism is Severely Limited
No one part of your body can be successfully healed, or "cured", without taking care of the body/mind as a whole. Thus, the practice of "holistic health", which has far greater success rates at reversing degenerative diseases than the common mainstream approaches. Traditional western medicine is often reductionist, only focusing on isolated individual systems, and that is precisely its limitation. Mainstream western medicine very often doesn't take into account the nutrients that we provide our cells, or the emotional aspects of the brain's workings.

Some of the more enlightened doctors and scientists who are aware of this however, even estimate that up to 90% of all health issues and diseases are at least somewhat, if not significantly, the result of stressful negative mentalities. They understand that negative emotions and attitudes are stressful on our body and cells because they increase blood pressure levels, overload the adrenal glands, restrict oxygen flow, and more. They also realize that when we eat an unhealthy food, that affects our entire mind and body as a whole in a stressful negative manner. When we eat a life sustaining healthy food, that uplifts and heals the entire mind/body.

If It Has Everything, It's Good For Everything
Because all the systems of the body are one, and because the body has many needs for its many functions, we need a diet with an all-encompassing range of nutrients. That is, we need to give it the whole gamut of required tools. That's why I choose FrequenSea above all other health products. It contains everything, and it's therefore, good for everything. The all-encompassing health benefits that people are receiving as a result of using FrequenSea are of course, absolutely incredible. I can't recommend highly enough, that you too, incorporate it into your daily health routine.

It's Up To You
To sum it up, a person's state of overall physical and mental health is a perfect reflection of their dietary habits, their emotional well-being, their level of awareness/truth, their environmental influences, and their choices. And since all of these come down to choice, nobody can save us, heal us, or cure us, except ourselves. Neither I, or a doctor, can change you. Only you can change yourself.

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