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ForeverGreen makes many different products, and if we simply replace what we currently buy from stores (shampoo, toothpaste, meal bars, etc.) with ForeverGreen's healthier alternatives, and teach others to do the same, it would help us all financially because we all make commissions from those sales.

If you're thinking about signing up as a distributor in ForeverGreen so that you can purchase FrequenSea at wholesale prices for yourself and/or to share the product with others, here's what you need to know first:

Your Obligations as a Member
There is currently a $12US signup fee and to maintain your member status you must purchase a minimum of 100QV of product (equal to 4 bottles of FrequenSea at the $140US distributor price) every six months. Aside from that, you buy what you want, whenever you want.

About Multi-Level Marketing
A lot of people have a problem with MLM because of past negative experiences or preconceived notions. Yes, there are some "rotten apples" out there, but there are also some truly legit ones that are in it for the betterment of all mankind. This is one of them, but I don't want you to take my word for it. Check ForeverGreen out for yourself. Just like ANY other company on the planet, some have integrity, and some don't. The fact that ForeverGreen chooses to market their products through multi-level marketing is completely beside the point.

Why is FrequenSea sold through multi-level marketing? To skip out having to pay all the middle men, and so that the general public can benefit from it, making a business out of it, if they so choose. By not having to pay middle men, the cost of the products are much lower, and more money can be put into the making of the highest possible quality products, that sell themselves.

The Business
This is a business that gives the gifts of health and kindness. Serving mankind in a positive manner and supporting oneself while doing it... what more could anybody ask for?

The wonderful thing about FrequenSea is that quality products that are highly useful and effective, sell themselves. ForeverGreen's various products are of very high quality, and that's precisely why the company is doing so profoundly well. The results from using FrequenSea are undeniable and speak for themselves.

KeysForeverGreen makes no promises in regards to how much money can be made when pursued as a business because it depends solely upon the individual and their efforts put towards it. This business can be as big or small as you want it to be. An individual can sign up simply to buy the products for their own use if they want, but once a person experiences the health benefits for themselves, they usually can't help but share their health story with others. As well as self testimonials, selling this product is most often as simple as handing out the "Another Day" or "By Land and By Sea" DVD's along with a couple small brochures about the product. Of course there will always be those who aren't yet ready to embrace health, and that's perfectly fine. There is no "right" or "wrong" choice. To each his own.

The key to a prosperous business that operates in the realm of integrity, is to stop trying to sell, and to just share. It's as simple as focusing on giving, instead of getting.

If You Haven't Done So Already...
Check out the official ForeverGreen website
Read ForeverGreen's legal Policies & Procedures PDF
See the ForeverGreen Compensation Plan PDF

Ordering, Setup & Resources
Once the signup process is complete, FrequenSea, promotional supplies, and the other ForeverGreen products can be bought either over the phone though the 801 number, by fax, or on the internet through your personal "back-office." The back-office is also used for keeping up with the latest company news, checking your genealogy/downline, seeing which customers have bought which specific products, downloading advertisements for personal use, downloading product information, mail order forms, miscellaneous other forms, ordering business cards, and much more.

The back-office can be logged into here:

Doing Business
The following websites are set up for the purpose of helping members promote their business by helping provide information to potential customers about FrequenSea and the other ForeverGreen products.

All members get a free personal website at to send potential customers to. Here's what it looks like:
Or, rather than the numbers, you can customize it to your liking...

ForeverGreen customer support:
801-655-5500 (Hours: 7am - 5pm MST, Monday thru Friday)

And of course, please don't hesitate to contact me at:


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