The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Supplement Facts
Why You Should Ignore Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts are Irrelevant
The facts are facts... or are they? Personally, I've always ignored supplement facts listed on packaged food products because they tend to ignore the fact that there are:

1. Healthy fats (natural/essential fatty acids/lipids), and unhealthy fats (highly processed/hydrogenated).

2. Healthy sugars (plant based/saccharides), and unhealthy sugars (refined/artificial).

3. Healthy proteins (amino acids), and unhealthy proteins (altered by over processing).

4. Healthy carbohydrates (naturally occurring), and unhealthy carbohydrates (modified).

5. Healthy cholesterol (naturally occuring), and unhealthy cholesterol (damaged/overly processed).

6. Healthy vitamins (photosynthesized/carbon-bond/organic), and unhealthy vitamins (chemically made/synthetic/inorganic).

7. Healthy salt (unaltered sea salt with minerals), and unhealthy salt (refined/table/sodium chloride).

These "facts" then, are therefore rendered almost completely irrelevant.

When a supplement fact label on a product says it contains a certain percentage of your required daily intake of a particular nutrient, that percentage doesn't take into consideration whether the ingredients are pure and natural, a person's individual body size or weight, a person's unique genetic metabolic profile and nutritional needs, or a person's current state of health.

Everybody has different eating habits and eats different foods, so everybody will have different nutritional deficiencies and requirements. The percentage numbers shown on such food labels are very loose estimates, and will only properly apply to a very small amount of people, if anybody at all.

If we just read ingredient listings instead, and eat the products with all natural ingredients (excluding soy), our cells will be extremely grateful. This whole nutritional guideline and supplement fact thing has gotten way out of hand and is far more complicated than it needs to be. All we have to do is eat natural foods, as they appear in nature, and the vast majority of our health problems will disappear.

Cellular Compatibility
Why does a natural diet work? From an evolutionary scientific point of view, humans and their environment (foods) evolved together, as one. They are precisely compatible with each other because they don't exist separate from each other. It's basically a symbiotic relationship where they benefit from each other. One's "waste" is even the other's food, and vice versa (oxygen & carbon dioxide). As soon as we throw some foreign substance into our body, we're creating problems for our cells, and this cellular stress equates to cellular dysfunction and "dis-ease" because they are no longer at ease.

The less processing and manipulation that a food from nature has gone through, the more it will be compatible with the cells of your body, and the more health promoting it will be. If you see weird, complicated, big words listed on your packaged food products, it's a fairly safe bet that it's nowhere near natural, and that your cells don't want it.

Healthy fats, proteins, carbs, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals are the ones that are naturally occurring in nature, as present in our natural unprocessed organic foods. The natural ones are the ones that have been fuel for our cells for thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, there are even naturally occurring trans fats that studies have shown to be healthy and beneficial to us!

The unhealthy and harmful fats, proteins, carbs, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals are the ones that are synthetically and artificially created, usually out of over processing, unnatural modification and forceful manipulation. Table salt, refined sugar, MSG, margarine, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, and the vast majority of soy products (including ones marketed as "healthy") in the western world, are all perfect examples of this.

Then there's also the chemically made "vitamins" that are added to our "foods" that have not undergone the process of photosynthesis by nature. As a consequence, they are lacking the important component of carbon (they aren't organic), and unfortunately they aren't compatible with our cells because of this.

Perfect Health, Simplified
These are the fundamental health truths that must be understood:

1. The human body/mind is a community of trillions of individually living cells.

2. Those cells are literally made of natural fats, proteins, sugars, cholesterol, etc.

3. Vitamins and minerals play a extremely important and pivotal role in the body/mind/cells.

4. Our cells are at all times, 24/7, in a state of repair, regeneration, rebuilding, and healing.

5. The body is an incredibly efficient self-healing mechanism, when honored as such.

6. Physical, emotional, and energetic stress on the cells is what prevents the body from healing.

7. All degenerative diseases are the result of physical, emotional, or energetic stress on the cells of the body.

When you fully grasp all of these points it becomes very apparent that organic nutrition and positive peaceful emotions (the placebo effect) are the treatment and cure for virtually all degenerative health problems, ailments, and diseases, of the body and mind, including cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, schizophrenia, depression, headaches, aches & pains, allergies, vision loss, lyme disease, etc.

But the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry and food companies don't want you to know that. And legally, nobody is allowed to use the word "cure" unless it refers to a pharmaceutical drug.

The body is in a constant state of regeneration (healing), but its ability to do that more effectively depends upon us letting go of the stressful negatives in our lifestyle. If the source of health issues is removed, the body can then heal itself because the human body is a self-healing mechanism. No matter the health problem, in order to heal, negatives must be let go of by focusing on positives instead. Health is the body's natural state when the cells aren't subjected to emotional, physical, or energetic stress.

A clean natural diet free of unnatural substances like artificial sweeteners, refined salt, food colorings, dyes, plastics, heavy metals, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, highly processed, modified, and altered foods, etc., will provide amazing all-encompassing health improvements for you. Forget about the "low fat", "low cholesterol", calorie counting diets. Ignore the fads. Natural organic nutrition has been very successful at supporting life for millions of years.

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