The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
Recontextualization and Repetition
(the explanation of why)
To those who already have a decent grasp of the concepts that are taught on this website, simplicity is generally all that is needed. But in the case of most others who are just learning for the first time it's quite often helpful to reformat and recontextualize the words so that the exact same thing is being said repeatedly, just in different words. A person may understand one sentence but not understand a different sentence that means the exact same thing. Different people's brains work in different ways and it's helpful to cater to as many people as possible. Some people learn and pick up information best by seeing, others by hearing, others by doing. These last few sentences are a perfect example of recontextualization. Yes, the intention is to keep things simple, but not overly simple so that details are missed and people are left with confusion. The blanks must be filled.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

"Conflict is resolved within the mind of the reader by means of recontextualization, which solves the dilemma. Argument and adversity are resolvable by identifying the positionalities of the ego, which are the basis of human suffering." - Back cover of David R. Hawkin's books

"This book is, therefore, oxymoronic in style, as it's written to facilitate both so-called left- and right-brain comprehension. In actuality, human beings come to know things by pattern recognition--the easiest way to grasp an entirely new concept is by familiarity. This kind of understanding is encouraged by a style of writing characterized by "closure." Instead of using only sparse adjectives or examples to express thoughts, concepts are instead run out and completed by use of repetition. The idea is then "done," and the mind is left at ease." - David R. Hawkins (Power vs. Force)

Deepest gratitude and thanks to David Hawkins and That which works through "him", which is the same that works through all, because It is All. The only difference is the degree to which we choose and allow It to become us. The first step is to simply ask. Simple, no?

Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

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