The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
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Supersupplement Requirements
If you came across this page because you're looking for "supersupplements", you're probably looking for a health product that meets the following criteria:

    supersupplement Is the superfood of all superfoods
supersupplement Will radically simplify your health routine
supersupplement Is so nutritionally complete that it will replace all other health supplements (is an all-in-one nutrient product)
supersupplement Contains literally every nutrient the body/cells need for optimal healthy functioning
supersupplement Supports all bodily systems (if it has everything, it's good for everything)
supersupplement Contains sufficient quantity of all those nutrients so as to provide incredible health improvements
supersupplement Is a whole food, and not isolated individual nutrients (because nutrients work in combination with each other)
supersupplement Nutrients are not synthetically, artificially, and chemically made
supersupplement Nutrients are carbon-bond and photosynthesized by nature
supersupplement Is organic, clean, pure, natural, and not genetically modified (compatible with YOUR natural organic system)
supersupplement Is in a form that is "predigested" (100% available to, and absorbable by, your cells)
supersupplement Can be totally utilized by your cells, with absolutely nothing going to waste
supersupplements Provides incredible amounts of natural cellular and bodily energy
supersupplements Crosses the blood-brain barrier (supports the brain, eyes, etc.)
supersupplements Creates prolonged states of mental focus/clarity and emotional upliftment (because brain cells are healthy)
supersupplements Reduces cellular inflammation (a major reason for various aches, pains, soreness, and stiffness)
supersupplements Solves cellular oxidation issues by providing lots of antioxidants
supersupplements Provides the required resources for detoxing and cleansing (the removal of harmful stored toxins)
supersupplements Promotes rapid weight loss in a healthy manner (by removing stored toxins from fat cells)
supersupplements Is pH balancing to the body (from acidic to alkaline)
supersupplements Provides profound all-encompassing health benefits (helps your entire body, not just parts of it)
supersupplements Will address the underlying reason (stress on your cells) for illness, ailments, disorders, and disease
supersupplements Is completely natural and safe (because it's just food)
supersupplements Will not conflict with medications (because it's just food)

Supersupplement - ForeverGreen's FrequenSea
FrequenSeaIt has been well established that sea plants are the most nutrient-rich plants on earth, with ten times more nutrients than anything on land. This makes complete sense when we realize that everything on land originally evolved from what was in the oceans (phytoplankton). The largest animals on the planet, whales, are also the longest living, generally living from 80-150 years. This is possible because they eat the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, straight from the bottom of the food chain... plankton. Zooplankton is animal plankton, and phytoplankton is plant plankton.

If you're into health and nutrition, you are likely already aware of the awesome health benefits of spirulina and chlorella, which are 2 species of fresh water phytoplankton. What the supersupplement FrequenSea contains is a little over 200 species of phytoplankton, which is like getting 200 types of vegetables in your diet every day. But FrequenSea doesn't stop there. It's far more than just phytoplankton. It also contains some of the most nutritious land based food sources as well. It's referred to as being "total nutrition by land and by sea."

With health being a major interest of mine, I've come across a LOT of very impressive health foods and products, but this supersupplement is my primary product of choice for countless reasons, with just a few of those reasons being: The microscopic molecular sized ingredients and liquid form allows for optimal bio-availability and absorbtion, it's extremely simple and easy to use, it's perfectly suited for optimal human health, and it's exceptionally nutritionally complete. On top of that, there's also the high level of integrity, humility, kindness, compassion, and wisdom of the people behind it.
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Does a Nutritional Approach Really Work?
Isn't that the entire reason that people "eat healthy"? What is health if it's not the absence of disease? If nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and amino acids don't help heal, repair, regenerate, and rebuild the body, why do we need to eat food at all? Even if we ignore the entire concept of "energy healing", and focus on the limited Newtonian physical matter/mass point of view, the body is still literally made of what goes into it. Our cells, their outer membranes, and their communication receptors, are literally made of healthy fats, sugars, and proteins.

To use an analogy, if we were to build a house, we need all of the proper supplies and tools in order to build a quality house, and the cells of the body are no different. They need all of the right tools and supplies to do their job properly as well. And because the body is constantly at all times in a state of rebuilding, regeneration, and healing, dieting isn't supposed to be something that one does temporarily. The body requires regular maintenance and care on a daily basis because the body is made of what nutrients (or lack thereof) that go into it every single day. "Health is a habit, not an event."

Removing the Guesswork
Virtually all natural health practioners recommened that a person eats a wide variety of natural foods in order to obtain the the full spectrum of nutrients that a body requires for proper healthy functioning. If we look at the nutritional profile of FrequenSea, it has all of the variety we require. FrequenSea IS variety. When we take individual vitamins or nutrients, we're very often just taking a wild guess at which nutrient (out of dozens) that our body is deficient in, but with supersupplements, we're covering all of our bases at once. They have it all, and in such a highly concentrated form that you know you're getting enough of each. Simplification, ease, efficiency, economy, and effectiveness are what supersupplements are all about. Products that are all-in-one replace the need to use multiple products, and are therefore, the best of the best. This is very good news because we can now radically simplify our health routine.

Why Organic Matters
It's also important to point out that health products should not have artificial, synthetic, chemically derived "nutrients". They should be natural organic whole food supplements with nutrients that can be fully utilized by the cells of the body. Why? As a result of living creatures evolving in sync, as one, with their environment, nutrients obtained from natural foods are perfectly and precisely compatible with our cells, and unnatural foreign substances are not. Organic matter is something that has been derived from living things, and contains carbon, or is carbon-bond. Synthetics do not have this carbon-bond quality because they were not photosynthesized by nature, and in turn they are not properly utilized by the body. Synthetics generally do more harm than good, which is the exact reason that some scientific studies have found "vitamin supplements" to be harmful. Such studies were flawed from the very start because they didn't account for the source of the nutrients that were being tested.

"A natural organic body requires natural organic things."
"Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food" - Hippocrates
"Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of Nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life." - Thomas Edison

Earthtribe Farmacy Preventatives
PreventativesHighly concentrated 100% bio-available, instantly absorbable, pure organic extracts even beyond the concentration level of essential oils. They're called "extracts" but nothing is really extracted from the plants. They're the ENTIRE food source liquified through a natural compression method using CO2 pressure chambers. No molecule-killing processes of heat, distillation, harmful solvents, or chemicals are used. No artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, preservatives, yeast, or alcohol are added, and only GMO free and organic materials are used. Basil, chili, cinnamon, frankincese/nutmeg, garlic, ginger, oregano, lemongrass, onion, rosemary, sage, thyme, tumeric, yacon, rose, and "Dragon" mixes. Excellent for making teas with, mixing into health drinks, or even cooking with. Organic Extracts

ElectriFireAny, and all, high quality whole food supplements, just by nature of what they are, should provide a significant amount of healthy, stable, steady, long lasting energy and mental alertness. This is exactly why ElectriFire is promoted as a "healthy energy drink". The so-called "energy drinks" found in grocery stores are laden with synthetic artificial toxic substances that take away from both our long term and short term health. If you've ever read the ingredient listings on such products, and if you have even a vague understanding of nutrition, you'll quickly notice that almost none of those ingredients would ever be found in foods that grow in nature. It's no wonder that "energy drinks" have "caution" and "warning" labels on them. On the other hand, ElectriFire's all natural ingredients will not only provide instant long lasting energy, but they will also give your cells and body the vast array of nutrients required for perfect health.

Sometimes, but not always, people get sick after starting to eat and live healthy. This is generally due to the body cleansing itself of all the unnatural foreign substances (toxins) that had previously been stored in the body. When a person stops taking in chemicals and toxins and starts eating natural foods, along with more pure water, the body finally has enough energy to start getting rid of all that junk that was previously stored because it didn't have the energy and resources to process and expel it before (the cells were in protection mode instead of growth mode). This cleansing process can sometimes lead to discomfort and/or temporary illness because all those toxins have to be put back into the body's various system's, such as the bloodstream, so they can be moved to places of removal.

It's important to understand that everybody cleanses differently. The degree and extent that a person might detox depends entirely upon the individual person's body. Everybody lives different lifestyles, eats different foods, uses different cleaning and hygiene products, and lives and works in different environments. How many unnatural and foreign substances (toxins) that you individually have stored in your system (in fat cells in particularly), is anybody's guess. However, the more fat that a person has, the more toxins they probably have stored. When the body lacks the proper energy and resources to deal with and expel unnatural foreign substances, those substances are generally stored in fat cells along with water. Thus, fat cells expand, and the person becomes larger. "Fat" is not just "fat" like most people believe. It's very often just the storage of toxins. Unnatural manmade fats (processed/hydrogenated/trans) make us fat, while our cell membranes are literally made of healthy natural fats (phospholipids), and are therefore required by the body/cells for proper functioning.

Some symptoms of detoxing are various body aches, fatigue, headaches, sweating, skin abnormalities, diarrhea/constipation, fevers and negative mentalities. Some people might not even notice any visible differences whatsoever. All a person can do is help the cleansing process along by continuing to drink more PURE CLEAN water and eating more natural foods. It'll pass and you'll feel much healthier afterwards.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap"Be kind. Be real. Be natural." Presented in 2007 with Profit Magazine's "Canada's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies" Award. Do you have dry/cracked hands/feet/skin despite already having put to practice drinking lots of clean water and eating a healthy diet? Do you live in a dry climate where it's sometimes difficult to keep your skin smooth and moist? Do you have a job that wreaks havoc on your hands by sucking the moisture out of them? Have you come to the realization that most of the "conventional" chemical based lotions and soaps you've tried either don't work, or they do more harm than good? This used to be my exact situation until I came across the absolutely amazing body butters and soaps made by Rocky Mountain Soap Company. The body butters are non-greasy and it doesn't even feel like you have anything on your skin. They're made with beeswax, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, and various other natural plant ingredients depending upon the scent and/or the purpose it was made for.

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