The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
Oneness Cloud Experiment

What we're going to do is make a cloud in the sky a square shape with nothing more than focus and intention for the purpose of realizing that everybody and everything is an interconnected One.

Verification, Not Proof
It should be made very clear that this has nothing to do with me, or anybody else, or science, trying to "prove" anything to you. This has everything to do with you, the individual, doing, experiencing and verifying things for oneself, otherwise nobody actually knows the truth. One must be that which is to be known in order to know. This is the difference between only knowing about something, and truly knowing.

The Oneness Cloud Experiment
CloudsSo here's the experiment: On a day when the wind is calm, the sky mostly blue, and there are clouds in the sky that are definitely separate from one another, go sit outside, or inside by a window with a decent view of the sky. This is best to do alone with nobody else around, at least for the first few times it's done because their presence, thoughts, and doubt may negatively influence the outcome. A cloud in the sky can be purposefully made into a particular shape, or be made to disappear altogether, with nothing more than intention.

Choose a cloud, any cloud, but you might want to start with a smaller one. Concentrate and focus on that one cloud, and state in the present tense that the cloud is in the process of becoming, or is already, square, or gone. "That cloud is square" or just simply "Square cloud." There's no need to speak out loud, just do it in your head. Don't try to force the cloud to be. Just gently let it be. Give it 5-15 minutes of gentle concentration. In fact words aren't even necessary, it's the intention or "feeling" behind the words that matters. Feel it, KNOW it, and it will be. Express love & gratitude and it will be.

You ARE that cloud, and Everything else. There is no separation between "you" and "it". Anything can be set into motion and with nothing more than focus, intention, feeling and knowing that it's working. This is how the physical universe works, so of course it's working! The only catch is that it won't work even if you subconsciously doubt it or don't believe it. Being skeptical, pessimistic, doubtful, or negative will not reveal the truth. Open mindedness and believing are absolutely required to shape that cloud.

There is nothing "amazing" about this experiment and the results. This is simply how the physical universe works. You just weren't previously aware of it.

The Illusion
The point of this is to demonstrate 2 things: One.. The power of thoughts/intention, and the fact that thoughts are at ALL times creating our individual physical reality. Absolutely everything is karma, and there are never exceptions. Two.. That separation, duality, polarity, and opposites do not actually exist. Space, distance, and things being separate from one another are illusions created by our limited physical senses and ways of thinking. Everything and everyone is an interconnected One. "You", "me", "this", "that", "here", "there", "inner", "outer", etc. are ultimately all one and the same. The latest breakthroughs in science are finally beginning to come to these same conclusions, but that requires letting go of some of our outdated current dogmatic scientific beliefs and some people are having a hard time with that.

This all coincides with the Meditation and Manifesting, Simplfied article.

The Effects of Energy Fields and Resonance
Now what does this mean and how does it relate to health and disease? All of these interconnected fields of energy, "you", "me", "this", "that", etc, etc, have various positive, negative and neutral energies, which affect each other. Even these words you're reading right now are a field of energy that are "rubbing off" and affecting "you", thus contributing to what "you" are. This is called "resonance". It's where two or more things vibrate at the same frequency. Just like when two people "operate at the same wavelength", or when a husband and wife can finish each other's sentences. Those two people are LITERALLY operating at the same frequency. Right now the energy behind these words are one with "you", and because it's a positive truthful energy that is relevant and beneficial to oneself and all others, it's actually making "you" stronger and healthier. When we surround ourselves with chaotic, negative, harmful, false energies, we become weak and more open to disease because falsehood is the absence of of truth/love/energy. Foods, music, words you read, people, places, shows on television, your thoughts, and EVERYTHING else we choose to surround ourself with is affecting us in various positive and negative ways. So as long as we surround ourselves with negative things that are not relevant and beneficial to all, healing will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. In order to be healed, and remain healthy, all negatives must be let go of and relinquished. That's just the way it is. It's simply a matter of temporary happiness or a higher level of permanent happiness. It all comes down to choice.

ChangeAutum Tree
Of course we can't expect to change our entire lifestyle overnight, unless you want to, but most people find change to be difficult because the mind becomes comfortable and accustomed to certain things and ways of thinking. This is the problem of attachments/addictions/neediness. Pretty much anything we can't control or let go of at the drop of a hat, is an attachment/addiction. This includes the negative thoughts and emotions we allow to run our lives. If something is detrimental to our life, why would we want to hold onto it? It's a matter of simply letting things go, non-attachment, and surrendering the negatives in order to replace them with positives. So work with this information at your own pace, and incorporate whatever you feel you are ready to work with. Just remember.. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and practice makes perfect. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is absolutely false. It's NEVER too late to change what we are, and there is no better time than the ever present now. The future will come into existence according to what is created this very moment. If you want more of what you already have, continue your current way of being. If you're dissatisfied with your current state of existence, it only makes sense that ONLY change will bring change. "The truth shall set you free" rings very true, but only if the truth is wanted.

Nonduality - Self as Existence
Let's step up to a much higher level of truth for a moment, if you're ready for it.
The results obtained from this cloud experiment wouldn't be possible if "you" weren't connected to the cloud.
And if you are connected to the cloud, then you ARE that cloud, even if you think you are separate.
And if "you" are that cloud, then there is no individual "me" doing anything.
"You" aren't "doing" anything, "you" are that which is being done.
There is no "doer" doing anything... ever, because that would imply there is an "individual" to do something.
But since everything is connected and everything is One thing, there are no separate individuals.
When there is only One, there is no "other" because then there would be two instead of One.
So if there is only One, then that One is Self. Everything in existence that is happening, is "You".

Nothing is "being done" by anybody, because there is no individual "anybody" to do anything.
It could be said that everything is happening of it's own.
Everything is happening spontaneously, on its own, as an automatic karmic consequence of what the "individual" is.
"Whatever you may be, you are being 'lived'. You are not travelling, as you think: you are being 'travelled.'" - Wei Wu Wei

No-Mind Knowing

Every "individual" is receiving exactly what the mind has created with thoughts, intentions, choices, and actions.
There are no "accidents", "co-incidences", "random events", "chaos", "luck", etc.
The complexities of this intermingled matrix of energy is profoundly impossible to understand "normally" with the mind.
But if "one" full blown realizes and is aware that they ARE Everything, then everything can be known.
If "you" are Everything, naturally "you" know everything.
This is the ultimate in utter completion, perfection, wholeness, and peace.
This is why, at the highest levels, words, concepts, thoughts and thinking are worthless and not needed.
"You" ALREADY know everything when thoughts and concepts are ceased.
This is commonly referred to as "Enlightenment", "Self-Realization" or "No-Mind".
But you may choose that you're not ready for this step yet, and that's perfectly fine.
The ego/mind fears is own demise and cessation because it believes it is the only truth.
The ego/mind fears that life/existence will end when IT comes to an end, but this isn't true.
The realization of Self as All That Is, which is Absolute, unchanging, and formless, is the result of No-Mind.
It's a matter of losing all interest in thought and thinking, and not identifying them as being "me".

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