Rosemary in FrequenSea


RosemaryThousands of years before refrigeration, ancient cultures wrapped meats in crushed rosemary leaves to preserve and flavor them. It has also been used for centuries to support the immune system, helping the body combat infections of all kinds, and to improve memory. Rosemary is in FrequenSea mainly because it's a natural preservative.
Rosemary Extract
   - Digestive tract
   - Respiratory system, may help relieve nasal
      and chest congestion of cold, flu and allergies
   - Immune system, helps prevent all kinds of illness
   - Anti-bacterial

Through ForeverGreen, the extract can also be bought as a stand-alone product for use in cooking, making tea, etc.

No artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, preservatives, yeast, or alcohol. GMO free.


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Independent Distributor Jarett Sabirsh

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