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RoseSome researchers rank plants according to their ability to emit delicate and finely-measured electrical frequencies. Clinical research shows that plant concentrates have the highest frequency of any natural substance. The higher the frequency, the more effective the plant is in creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. Many plants emit a frequency starting at 52MHz. Rose emits the highest frequency at 320MHz. A truly healthy human body will have a frequency between 62 - 72 MHz. Empty, nutrient-poor foods emit extremely low frequencies. AMPed Rose may aid in the treatment of digestive disorders, may relieve feelings of nausea, and possibly revitalize damaged intestinal walls. Other possible benefits may include soothing nerves and emotions, relieving nervous tension, improve overall sense of well being, improve circulation, aid in liver detoxification, relieve menstrual tension, and treat insomnia. Distance yourself from the frequency of disease.
Rose Extract
   - Digestion
   - Nerves and emotions
   - General well being
   - Relaxation
   - Comforting and calming effect
   - Helps balance pH levels of the body

Through ForeverGreen, the pure plant extract, mixed with several others, can also be bought as a stand-alone product for use in foods, making tea, etc.

No artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, preservatives, yeast, or alcohol. GMO free.


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