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GingerFresh and aromatic ginger root has been used in cooking and anti-inflammatory health tonics since the dawn of recorded history. It has been revered in Indian and Chinese civilizations for over 5000 years for its powerful health imparting properties. Modern science supports its ability to help prevent motion sickness. Its health benefits range from prevention of migraines to stimulating digestion. Today, ginger is widely used to relieve severe nausea and prevent colds. Ginger also aids in metabolism. It is extremely popular in Asian cuisine, perhaps because the Chinese have long considered it an antidote for shellfish poisoning.
Ginger Extract
   - Anti-nausea, helps relieve motion sickness and dizziness
   - Anti-vomiting, helps morning sickness
   - Anti inflammatory, may reduce pain from arthritis
   - Menstrual cycle, may help ease cramps
   - Immune system, helps fight colds and flu

Through ForeverGreen, the extract can also be bought as a stand-alone product for use in cooking, making tea, etc.

No artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, preservatives, yeast, or alcohol. GMO free.


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