The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health

Dramatic Healings
The Pre-Requisites to Having a Far More Dramatic Healing

Caution: The Re-Arranging of Perception is Ahead
Reading this will probably change the way you currently think, the way you look at the world, and the way you view life.
It will change the way you look at yourself (your thought processes), and the way you look at any given situation.
This is what the truth does. It changes us because it re-arranges our perceptions.
The truth cannot be created by our minds. It already is what it is despite our opinions and beliefs about it.
The truth, or the next level of truth, is automatically revealed to us when we stop thinking we already know it.
The truth is never hidden. It's for all who open their minds, and hearts.
The truth removes all problems, but for it to do this, it points out the ways in which we live that are not truth now.
Not knowing the truth is not anybody's fault, not even the individual's.
The human brain is incapable of knowing what is and is not truth without the firsthand experience of it.
We can hear or read truth but we still don't know it's the truth until we experience it, or until we are it.
So while it may go against what we currently "know", it's beneficial to understand that "Only the truth shall set you free."
But the truth cannot be forced upon anyone. An individual must want it.
If you don't want it, that's perfectly fine. It's just not your time yet.
You'll be ready for it once you grow tired of your current state of existence.
Being healed requires us to change ourselves, and our lifestyle.
If we don't change, how can we expect our circumstances to change?
If we change our thought processes and perceptions first, changing our actions and circumstances is much easier.
Sometimes it's as simple as flipping a switch in your head (the placebo effect).

The Individuals Who Usually Receive the Most Dramatic Healings Are:
Those who enjoy learning.
Those who seek out ways to be healed.
Those who are open to change and open minded to so-called "new" ideas.
Those who truly and honestly want to better themselves.
Those who take their sufferings and turn them into positives.
Those who accept and/or take responsibility for their own life situation rather than placing blame.
Those who make attempts to help themselves rather than playing the victim.
Those who realize that stress is solely the result of the way that we choose to accept situations.
Those who realize that there is a positive to every single situation.
Those who realize that life is a continuous series of lessons to be learned from.
Those who make an honest attempt to remove negative attitudes and emotions from their life.
Those who let go of negatives by focusing on positives instead.
Those who realize that being happy in life depends upon choosing to be happy (at all times) despite life's circumstances.
Those who properly look after and respect their bodies by removing unhealthy foods from their diet.
Those who embrace health rather than fighting disease.
Those who change from eating unnatural processed lifeless stuff to natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and pure water.
Those who stop ingesting artificial man-made chemicals.
Those who follow the laws of Nature.
Those who realize that illness is the result of us going against the laws of Nature.
Those who realize health is our natural state when we don't put emotional and physical stress on the cells of the body.
Those who realize that illness is the result of stress, either physical or emotional.
Those who want to heal the underlying reason for illness rather than just the symptoms of the illness.
Those who are willing to trade in old habits for new more beneficial ones.
Those who go with the flow of life rather than trying to control everything.
Those who learn to enjoy peace and quiet over excitement and incessent mental babbling.
Those who take time to be alone.
Those who contemplate the purpose of their life.
Those who care about the well being of all others.
Those who want to serve humanity and make the world a better place, in their own perfectly suited individual way.
Those who make themselves to be the happiness and peace that they want the rest of the world to be.
Those who solve problems by stepping back and viewing the entire world as a whole.
Those who realize that money can't buy freedom or happiness.
Those who realize that only truth/wisdom/love/selflessness brings freedom and happiness (of mind).
Those who think for themselves, do for themselves, experience for themselves, and therefore know for themselves.
Those who want to know for themselves, rather than just believing what others say, or what society says.
Those who question the validity of their own thought processes.
Those who question the validity of absolutely everything.
Those who seek out higher levels of truth in all of its various forms, and put that truth to practice.
Those who realize that the truth does not create problems, it only removes problems.
Those who realize that truth is something that is relevant and beneficial to all, without exception.
Those who realize all opinions, beliefs, judgments, perceptions, and concepts are only relevant to the individual mind.
Those who understand that the truth already is what it is, despite our opinions and beliefs about it.
Those who realize that all of one's problems are the result of the false opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of the mind.
Those who realize that their mind is controlling them, rather than them controlling their mind.
Those who realize that the mind and body are not actually "me".
Those who realize they are the Awareness that is aware of the mind and its thinkingness.
Those who realize the real "me" is still, silent, unchanging, non-local, formless, timeless, and eternally infinite Awareness.
Those who learn to identify themselves as being Awareness rather than the mind and body.
Those who are able to accept all, or at least some of what was just read here.
And most importantly, those who put these points to practice.

Just by reading and understanding these points, a huge step has already been made towards being healed.

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