The Truth About Food and Health
The Truth About Food and Health
Truthful Disclaimer
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"You are personally responsible for everything in your life, once you become aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life." - Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Nothing on this website is intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. There are laws that state that the only thing that's allowed to be called a "cure" is a pharmaceutical drug. The positive side of this is that people who lack responsibility can't loosely throw that term around just for the purpose of selling their product and making money. The negative side of this law is that the "cure" does actually exist, and it's called "nutrition", "positive attitude", placebo effect", "energy", "truth", "love", etc. Naturally, the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry continues to rake in money while neverendingly "searching for a cure". Sometimes the ones we THINK are responsible lack responsibility and sometimes we follow the advice of those who we THINK know the truth, when in actuality they don't know the truth. Drugs have their place, but certainly not to the degree and extent that they are used today. So the question to ask is this.. Would the pharmaceutical industry benefit from us knowing that the "cure" is as simple as proper nutrition and a positive attitude? Legally there is no "cure" for many of our diseases. Illegally there absolutely is.

Most doctors know very little about nutrition because they're not trained in it. Doctors go to medical school, not nutrition school. If you want medical advice, you go to a doctor. If you want nutritional advice, you don't go to a doctor; you go to a nutritionist, naturopath, or holistic practitioner.

The author of this website is not responsible for any results whatsoever that may come from reading or following through with any information on this website, or on any outgoing links that this website links to. The individual is choosing to read this website, and choosing to put this information to practice. Every individual has to learn to take responsibility for their own actions, choices, perceptions, views, opinions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, and thought processes because
blame only perpetuates the world's/individual's problems further. These choices and thought processes are based upon the level of "truth" that the individual is CURRENTLY aware of so there is absolutely no reason to feel guilt.

If EVERYBODY had a higher awareness of truth, and responsibility to go with their freedom, we would no longer need laws, rules, regulations and restrictions. Laws, rules, regulations and restrictions only promotes rebellious behavior. How can they do anything but? The reason for this is because the truth (freedom) conflicts with the entire concept of laws, rules, regulations and restrictions. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, and if they don't, society as a whole simply won't work. Instead of implementing new laws, rules, regulations and restrictions, it would be far more beneficial to simply teach responsibility and "what goes around, comes around", "you reap what you sow", "give and recieve", "balance in the universe", "everything comes full circle", "the law of attraction" or "karma". Every little thing that happens to an individual, positive or negative, is the effect of one's own past actions, choices, thoughts, feelings and intentions, either in this physical life or in past ones. In actuality, there is no such thing as accidents, co-incidences, flukes, luck, or random events. There is no "cause" of anything. There are only effects and automatic consequences. Every individual that decides to live continuously more selflessly will plainly see that this is how the universe works. The more one gives, the more they receive. That which supports life, is automatically supported, which means that sacrificing yourself isn't even a sacrifice. The more one loves/gives, the more that one can love/give. Go on, give it a try!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

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